MyBusinessCatalog is a product catalog creation software.

Create your own product catalog as PDF and HTML, Android, online, on CD/DVD, Flash drives.

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Create online product catalog software - Quick Overview Create a product catalog software; Online, PDF, Android, on CD/DVD, Flash drives. Quick Overview

In today's business, it is crucial to present information in the catalog in the format most convenient to the customer, and that may vary from printed to mobile. At the same time, it is desirable to not have to create each format of the catalog separately, as it's expensive and time consuming. MyBusinessCatalog solves this problem with elegance and ease!

Simply fill out the product list, add the photos and descriptions, and the program will assemble that into the catalog for you!

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Digital product catalog on various media - CD/DVD/Flash drives Creating digital catalog in PDF, send via email, publish on the web
Mobile catalog for Android devices - smartphones and tablets Online catalog, Uploading data to online stores
Printing (paper) catalog. Illustrated catalog, Price list, Product profile PowerPoint catalog, to export the presentation to a movie and publish it on YouTube
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Product catalog is a business' primary way to convey information on their products to their customers. A catalog may have just about any appearance; the main thing is that it must be convenient and available to the customer. The goal is common - boost sales, conversion, return on investment campaign or presentation.

There are numerous applications for a product catalog in the real business. Moreover, different cases may require it in different formats.

In one situation, you may need to create a printable catalog; in other - you need to email your customer a PDF catalog; in the third - the easiest way is to hang a big QR code for installing the mobile catalog in the customer's Android device.

But most often you need to create the catalogs of all these types and utilize them as per demand.

However, the biggest problem is that you have to create each format of the catalog separately. Moreover, the content of the catalog can simply become outdated, and the entire catalog creation cycle must start all over.

The convenience and uniqueness of MyBusinessCatalog is that you with your own hands, without engaging third-party technicians, fill out the product list and then create the catalogs in the required format directly from the application.

If you have a compiled price list - e.g., in the Excel format - you can simply add it to MyBusinessCatalog using the import wizard.

Next, just click the buttons and enjoy the results.

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